Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Last Week

In these last days of our pilgrimage it is easy for us to prematurely begin the process of transitioning back to “normal” life.  The number of class sessions which we have in these final days increase, we must begin our preparations for final examinations and we have begun to get emails regarding the commitments and obligations that will be awaiting us when we arrive home.  While this is the easiest time for us to lose the spirit of a pilgrim, it is also the most important time to remain on this journey.
You see, right now each one of us has to make a choice.  This decision will affect the way that this experience forms and shapes our life and our ministry.  If we exit the pilgrimage now, if we leave that attitude that we have prayerfully fostered over the last two months, we run the risk of weakening how this experience shapes our relationship with Christ.  If, however, we continue with the spirit of a pilgrim, our return home will not mean the end of our experiences.  Rather, we will continue to enter into the graces that we received here more deeply and we will continue to journey towards Christ within our heart.  In short, we will no longer be on a pilgrimage, but we will remain pilgrims.
As we said in some of our first blog entries, the pilgrimage is an outward journey to foster an inward journey – the journey of the heart to Christ.  With the grace of God, this experience can be an important step in that life-long journey.

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